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Garden Fencing in Horsham | Residential Services

The quality of garden fencing has numerous effects on a property. Poor quality or degraded fencing offers little resistance against high winds, provides an easy target for vandals and increases the likelihood of pests or wildlife entering a Horsham, Sussex or Surrey property. As genuinely local fencing contractors, we provide superior closeboard fencing, picket fencing, panel fencing, railings and entrance gates at competitive rates.


All of our panel fencing options are pressure treated to maximise weather resistance. Our garden fencing installations come with a 1-year product and labour guarantee.

new residential wooden fencing

Our current garden fencing options include, but are not limited to:


Closeboard Fencing Panels – Coming in either a heavy duty or standard variety, our closeboard fencing panels carry a reputation for strength and durability. This style of panel fencing fits the angles of any garden in Horsham, Sussex or Surrey. Installation is easy to complete with either timber or concrete posts.


Palisade Picket Fencing – An unobtrusive yet reliable barrier. As reputable fencing contractors, our installation team has erected palisade picket fencing to provide protection, particularly for children, around ponds, swimming pools and roads. This garden fencing option provides a traditional look at a low height.


Waney Edge Panel Fencing – Easily installed with timber or concrete posts, and with a long-lasting, low maintenance reputation, waney edge panel fencing is one of our most popular garden fencing options. Available in a variety of colours, this garden fencing is great for increased privacy.


Post and Rail Fencing – Formed from pressure treated fir, post and rail fencing offers Horsham, Sussex and Surrey property owners a traditional, rustic boundary marker. This garden fencing option comes with easy installation as the rails slot easily into mortice posts.


Trellis Panels – As leading fencing contractors, we provide a range of trellises perfect for climbing or trailing plants. Kings Fencing trellises come in the following designs:


• Fan • Square • Diamond • Bowed Top • Scalloped Top

Entrance Gates, Railings and Furniture

As reputable fencing contractors, our expertise extends beyond garden fencing alone. We also offer our Horsham, Sussex and Surrey customers high-end, bespoke entrance gates, metal railings and garden furniture.


Our current entrance gates, railings and garden furniture options include, but are not limited to:


Five-Bar Field Gates – Coming in a variety of sizes, our classically designed five-bar field gates offer hardwearing access points to properties or partitioned areas. These traditional features come manufactured in a choice of softwood or hardwood.


Entrance Gates – Our range of entrance gates provides properties in Horsham, Sussex and Surrey with a stunning, strong and durable welcome point. These gates are available in softwood and hardwood variations. For ultimate security, certain models can be fitted with remote opening systems.


Metal Gates and Railings – Kings Fencing, the trusted fencing contractors in Horsham, Sussex and Surrey, offer a wide range of bespoke metal gates, railings and balustrades perfect for any residential property. These garden fencing options blend ornamental finishes with dependable security.


Pergolas, Arches and Garden Furniture – Made from a variety of timbers, our pergolas and arches come in set sizes or made-to-measure options. Garden furniture comes flat packed as standard, but can be delivered and assembled by request. Whichever option our Horsham, Sussex or Surrey customers choose, pergolas, arches and garden furniture from Kings Fencing always make for wonderful hard landscaping features.


For more information on any of our residential services, please contact us.

To discuss garden fencing options such as panel fencing and closeboard fencing in Horsham, Sussex and Surrey, call 01306 713 159.

new residential wooden fencing
new residential wooden fencing
new residential wooden fencing
new residential wooden fencing