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Close Board Fencing

Closeboard fencing or a close board fence are known as featheredge fencing or a feather edge fence. They are one of the most common types of domestic fencing types used in the UK.

Wooden close board fencing panels are fence panels formed from vertical feather edge boards. Each board is partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails, rather than each board simply being adjacent to each other. This provides somewhat of a double security and stability form in its design. They provide a square timber frame boundary range for items like fencing gates and sheds. They can also be constructed from closeboard fencing and they also provided a natural perimeter, as opposed to just another panel.

This type of closeboard fencing is often pressure treated to complete an aesthetic look for the wood. Dip treated and pressure treated wood are often more sustainable and weather-bearing. Pressure treated wood can also be stained to give the wood a variety of finishes.

Kings Fencing
Kings Fencing

Trellis panels can be attached to the tops of the fences to complement the look. These can be used in unison with post rail fencing, gravel boards, posts concrete, decking accessories and cladding. These types of fences are well suited to go with garden gates, doors, basket and other traditional garden storage accessories.

The gravel boards and concrete posts provide a rot-free footing for these types of fencing and concrete posts are often preferred over the fence posts.

Close board fencing panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust than the common waney panels.

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