With years of experience in working with commercial businesses, schools and hospitals with their needs, Kings Fencing Contractors are highly skilled when it comes to commercial fencing in your area.

We offer a wide range of commercial fencing options, each capable of providing you with the security and protection that you need for your business.

Steel Triple Point Palisade Fencing

A familiar sight around areas that need heightened security, steel triple point palisade fencing is robust, strong and secure.

Also known as security fencing, our steel triple point palisade fencing will play a significant role in helping you to keep intruders out. At the top of the fence is a triple point section made of heavy-duty steel which makes it difficult to climb over without injury. For many commercial firms looking for added security, this is the type of fencing that they usually go for thanks to its reliability and protection.

Estate Fencing

Stronger than most traditional fences, estate fencing is often used as a boundary for rural parks and other public places.

Giving off an unmistakable look, estate fencing can also come in a range of different eye-catching finishes while still retaining an ability to be virtually maintenance-free, thanks in part to its outstanding durability. A cost-effective and practical solution for many commercial organisations.

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Handrails for Disabled Access

Ensuring access for all may require the installation of a handrail. Built to not only last but assist, our handrails are designed and installed to allow for easy access for those who use it.

Hit & Miss Fencing

Utilising galvanised fixings for longer life, hit and miss fencing can add a wonderful aesthetic to any garden with its gorgeous timber finish and a high resistance to strong winds.

Great for commercial areas in a lovely setting, hit and miss fencing comes with strength, security, privacy and a real eye-catching look that can complement any area. It’s also great for allowing light to pass through.

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Herras Fencing (Temporary)

Available at around 2m tall, hoarding fencing can offer a good solution to those looking for low to medium security at commercial sites.

One of the big advantages of hoarding fencing compared to other alternatives is its ability to be moved to a different location with relative ease. This temporary solid steel fencing solution will be ideal for many commercial businesses.

Construction Site Fencing

If you’re looking for a temporary fencing solution then construction site fencing will help you to erect a protection fence around any area with relative ease.

Its flexibility in being able to be adjusted to fit around any size of location or boundary means that it’s more practical than many other types of solutions and is also easy to stack when not in use, making it perfect for a wide variety of situations.

Hoarding is also available for construction site fencing, it’s 2.4m high and is completely opaque – great for those looking for an anti-climbing solution.

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Agricultural Fencing

At Kings Fencing Contractors, we provide a range of agricultural fencing solutions and have been supplying rural based commercial businesses with agricultural fencing for a number of years.

We have a diverse range of fencing options available when it comes to agriculture, including:

  • Stock Fencing
  • Post & Rail Fencing
  • Motorway Fencing
  • Deer Fencing
  • Tree Protection Fencing
  • Equestrian Fencing

All of our diverse options can be used to provide you with a practical and visible fencing solution made from the finest materials, including timber and steel. Whether you’re looking for fencing to mark your commercial boundary so that it’s clear to passers-by or looking to keep in livestock, Kings Fencing Contractors can provide you with a diverse range of solutions.

Weld Mesh Fencing

Offering a great design and strong construction, weldmesh fencing is a highly-sought-after fencing system that offers a great level of reliability and protection.

Not only does it add to your security but it’s also tough at withstanding winter conditions and is effective when up against ice, wind and rain, staying durable and resilient against the worst of weather. It offers a great level of security and is a durable fence type.

There are many different grades of weldmesh in terms of strength, these can be colour/RAL matched to match with existing buildings or fences around your site.

With a wide variety of weldmesh fencing on offer, why not see if Kings Fencing Contractors can help keep your commercial interests secure.

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Post & Rail Fencing

Perfect for those who favour a traditional look, our post and rail fencing options can help you to secure your commercial interests whilst also complementing the surrounding area.

Often used in rural locations, post and rail fencing provides a more rustic look without compromising on quality. It’s a great way to let passers-by know the boundary of your commercial property whilst also doing its bit to keep out animals.

Security Fencing

Tough security fencing is an excellent addition to any commercial property looking to ensure that their items are safe and secure. Its imposing structure as a deterrent to prevent criminals from even considering to gain access.

Not only will security fencing guard against intruder access, but it’s also long-lasting and durable in a wide range of conditions, presenting you with a barrier for your commercial property that will stand the test of time.

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