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Kings Fencing Contractors offer a variety of domestic fencing that covers a wide range of uses. These include protecting or keeping out, improving the privacy of your home, adding it as a decorative addition to your property and many more.

Cleft Chestnut

Made from premium materials and with a rustic and authentic look, cleft chestnut fencing is the perfect accompaniment to many domestic homes.

Cleft chestnut is a hardwood and has a long life expectancy. There are a few options when it comes to the posts. Using cleft chestnut posts really give you that rustic look and also benefiting by the fence being completely hardwood. Sawn and treated posts can also be used these include a two way weather. mixing the natural curve of a cleft chestnut rail and a square cut machined post giving a more formal look.

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Picket Fencing

A traditional style fence made exclusively from picket wood rails attached to a rail, the picket fence is a staple look of many domestic homes.

Usually placed around gardens, picket fencing can bring a lovely aesthetic look to many homes, complementing the design of a beautiful garden whilst also keeping it secure with a clear boundary. Picket fencing will still allow for sunlight to naturally pass through its gaps, creating a scenic look.

Our picket fences offer great value for money and are versatile enough to be part of a range of projects, perfect for those looking to get the most out of their purchase.

Deer Fencing

Deer fencing offers the perfect solution for protecting greenery, trees and shrubs from animals such as deer who can cause damage to flora on a regular basis.

Plants are often a high priority for local animals therefore if you are looking to keep them protected without harming the local wildlife, then deer fencing can do that as it is highly protective yet still built from a high-strength and lightweight material that is also unobtrusive. The material it is made from also makes it quick and efficient to install correctly in a short amount of time.

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Trellis Panels

Trellis panels offer an excellent addition to any home and can help to provide a beautiful look complimenting the exterior of a home and garden.

These panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing customers with a number of options when it comes to getting the right trellis panels for their home. One great idea that many customers take advantage of is actually letting specific plants and flowers grow on the trellis panel in order to create a wonderful feature piece for any domestic garden.

Dog Fencing

Keeping your dog safe is essential, especially during those moments when you cannot give them your undivided attention.

Our durable and protective dog fencing options will help you to secure your home and garden whilst allowing your dog to roam freely inside a secure garden.

Close-board Fencing

Are you looking for some privacy in your garden? With close-board fencing, you can combine security with privacy thanks to its durable nature and versatility.

A popular option for many homeowners, close board fencing can come in many different styles, such as concave or convex feather board.

Pressure-treated timber is often called green, which is the treatment whilst there is also dip treated which is known as brown. There are different post options available that can make your fence more aesthetically pleasing and stand out from the rest. For instance, rounded topped, pointed top or post caps. The other benefits behind any of these features is to deflect the sitting water off the top of the post.

If you are looking for longevity, concrete posts are also a great option including concrete gravel boards. Or even metal posts these can come in a variety of different colours and benefit from being a smaller profile. We personally think capping is the perfect finish, not only does it complete the look of the fence it also protects the end grain. There is no need to stain or paint any of our fences as all the timber we use is treated.

Thanks to the material that they come in, close board fencing can also be painted for years to come, allowing you to completely revamp the look of your garden should you choose to do so without needing an entire new close board fencing arrangement.

Garden & Driveway Gates

Adding gates to your garden and driveway will instantly add a level of security and protection to any domestic home. Whether you just want to keep passers-by or local animals out from your property or increase the level of privacy of your home, a garden or driveway gate can offer you just that.

While timber gates are often the most popular, a range of styles and designs are available, all of which are ready to complement the design of your home.

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Post & Rail Fencing

Ideal for a traditional look, standard post and rail fencing can achieve a range of needs and is easy to install, a cost-effective solution for many domestic homes.

An iconic sight among the rural roads of the UK, post and rail fencing can serve the purpose of giving you a traditional look in combination with clearly marking a boundary around your property or land. Not only that but it’s rustic look and long-lasting nature will give you fencing that will last for years.

Lap Panel

A familiar look in gardens across the UK, lap panel fencing is a popular choice for many homeowners when it comes to keeping their back garden private.

With a wooden framework that fits together to create a unified look across a number of panels, lap panel fencing comes together to create a seamless all in one look with no gaps or holes. It connects together to give you the ultimate privacy in your own home.

Kings Fencing
Kings Fencing

Fence Repairs

Time is of the essence when it comes to a damaged fence as leaving it unfixed can only make the issue worse. Your fence should be inspected regularly. So that parts that need replacing are attended to as quickly as possible.

At Kings Fencing Contractors, we can help with all types of fencing installation and repairs as a result of damage. Replacement of broken panels and looking for additional damaged timber & and gates are all part of the service. Our aim is to have your fence back to a great condition in no time at all.

Storm and Winter Damage

When it comes to winter, harsh conditions can have a negative impact on your fences and garden. Harsh winds, sudden storms, falling rain and icy conditions can all combine to break posts and panels, spoiling an otherwise wonderful view.

With Kings Fencing Contractors you are able to get a cost-effective and professional service that can help get you and your domestic fencing issues back on track. Even in the winter months when you do not use your garden as much, you still need to look after your property, and when the worst happens, we will be there to give you a helping hand.

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Dura Post

Domestic fencing is a huge part of our workload. We offer a wide range of fencing types to keep your property safe, secure and looking smart. If you unsure whether to replace the whole fence or repair it. We are here to offer our advice on what can be done to overcome your fencing problem. We always price competitively, offer personal quality service and are always sympathetic when working in our customer’s gardens as we know there are often cherished plants and shrubs around gardens.

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