Fence Repairs

Fence Repairs

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Fence Repairs & Storm Damage

Time is of the essence with storm-damaged fencing therefore if repaired in a timely manner you could reduce the risk of additional damage and the costs to replace.

Concrete Posts should be inspected as may require replacing or re-installation. It’s important to look out for a specialist that has good reviews and can offer to repair a fence panel as part of their standard services.

At Kings Fencing we can help with all types of fencing installation and repairs as a result of storm damage. Replacement of broken panels and looking for additional damaged timber & gates are all part of the service.

Kings Fencing

Life Damage

Whether somebody falls through the fence making YouTube Videos, your neighbour painting the fence his side has now ruined yours or the children kick the football one too many times, eventually a fence is going to suffer. We know how these things can happen and are well equipped to rectify them.

Storm Damage

Fence Repairs are one of our common garden services in London, Surrey and beyond. The weather and storms across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, and parts of London whip across the country during the stormy season often creating an emergency to get fencing panels back to how it was in a timely manner.

So whether your fence panels have been damaged by the storms and hurricanes of mother earth, damaged by time (wood rot) or damaged panels from a neighbour reversing through your fence posts, we have got you covered.

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